ZoraOS ☼☽


Welcome to ZoraOS! This site holds the developer-focused documentation for building on the Zora protocol.
ZoraOS is a suite of developer tools that allow anyone to build on the Zora Protocol. The vision for ZoraOS is to build high quality tools across the entire development stack. We want to enable developers to explore new and interesting ideas for an Internet Renaissance. ZoraOS consists of three primary components:
In the spirit of building tools in collaboration with our community, all of our repositories are open source with either the MIT License or the GPL-3.0 License. Zora is a tool in the public domain – as such, anyone and everyone is able to contribute and improve Zora for the entire community.
Beyond our developer tools, this site also hosts guides for developers to follow, such as connecting to a wallet or building a marketplace, and links to our Discord community and Platforms using Zora.